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An internationally recognized video on accessibility produced by BSI featuring Waqas Chauhdry.

An article featuring an interview with Waqas Chauhdry on the benefits of building accessible and usable websites.

DEO Consultancy supports you in your journey of making your website accessible and usable for millions of disabled users with a range of impairments. An accessible and usable website will not only meet legal compliance but it also promotes best practice and increased business opportunity. For example, an accessible website will make it easier for people who speak English as a second language to better understand the services offered, and it would also make it easier for search engines to index your content.

Our web accessibility consultant, Flash Bristow, is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS) so you can be sure that we understand what it takes to make your website work for everyone.

"Many thanks for the great work you've done for us on reviewing the CompeteFor site. Your reports have allowed us to direct the developer to immediately correct basic accessibility issues, and have given some clear pointers as to how the usability of the site can be significantly improved for disabled and general users."

Based on our experience of working with a number of large and small organisations, DEO Consultancy has developed a unique approach of offering a complete service to meet your organisational requirements:

Healthcheck Report
We can provide you with a mini audit or health check report of your website against the internationally recognized standard of WCAG 1.0 or 2.0. The healthcheck report would allow you to decide whether the website requires a full accessibility audit and usability panel test. The cost of the health check can be adjusted against the accessibility audit and usability panel test should it be required.

Design Review Service
The design review service is there to assist you in "getting it right" at an early stage of the project and it is the most cost-effective way. Our design review report will help your developer understand the principles of accessible design, and advise you on what to look out for as you create the website.

Accessibility Audit
The website is analysed against the Web Accessibility Initiative standards WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0 using a range of automated software and manual checks. The website will be audited against WCAG's accessibility standard of A, AA or AAA ratings and you will be provided with a detailed breakdown of how your site measures up against the checkpoints, with illustration given for any failures, along with an explanation of what should be done to achieve the desired accessibility rating.

Usability Panel Test
The usability panel test has been designed to compliment the accessibility audit which alone may not be able to identify certain usability issues for disabled users. A panel comprised of people with various impairments using a range of assistive technologies and platforms will be asked to perform a series of tasks (agreed in advance with the client) and the results will be written up and explained. For example, the panel may be asked to sign up and log in, or to look for specific information on your website.

We will recommend the most suitable panel based upon your specific requirements and the nature of the website. A typical test panel include people with: sight impairments, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), dyslexia, and physical impairments making mouse use difficult.

The task results will be illustrated with quotes from the testers, for example:

"I could not log in as my screen reader was unable to read the mandatory visual verification code" - blind tester using the Jaws screen reader.

"I spent a really long time trying to understand it. As a dyslexic person I often assume I've missed something or couldn't understand the instructions. This made it mentally tiring." - tester with dyslexia

"Why am I offered the option to go back, when I've not been there yet?" - tester with ASD

Our panel test report will allow you to adjust your website accordingly. The panel test can be repeated at a later stage if required.

Building Accessible & Usable Websites
We can support you to improve your website to meet the WCAG 1.0 or 2.0 standards, whether you have an in-house design team or need us to make the changes for you in line with your corporate style or branding.

Most adjustments will not impact on the appearance of your website, as they take place "behind the scenes" in the code which makes up the web pages, or they simply provide enhanced functionality. However we can also advise on content where it may be confusing for some users.

Each service can be used as a stand alone service however we advise that you contact us at an early stage of your project so that we can be involved to assist you throughout the process, testing at appropriate times as your website evolves, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your website is accessible and usable for millions of disabled users.

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