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Here are a few comments by some of our clients:

"Two hours of enlightening thought and motivation - Waqas has a light and amusing style to keep everyone interested in what could have been a dull and boring subject."

Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
"A very useful day that was good in direct content but also thought provoking and gave issues to put into strategic and departmental context."

"Just to let you know that I thought the session this morning was one of the better sessions on this or similar subjects that I have attended in a long while summary, a very worthwhile session."

B Sky B
"The diversity workshop was an excellent course, gave me enough food for thought and practical guidance."

"I attended the diversity workshop. It was engaging, fascinating and definitely not scary."

NHS Trust
"One of the best courses of my career - gave me the in depth knowledge and substance to deal with bullying & harassment complaints."

Hilton Hotels
"Many thanks Waqas for your truly valuable support in raising Hilton's awareness of its responsibility and opportunity in serving disabled people."

London Borough of Croydon
"This workshop has clarified a number of issues and given me clear guidelines how to carry out a robust EIA in my area of responsibility - thank you."

Lloyds TSB
"You made the DDA, a topic that is perceived as dry and boring come alive and real. You gently planted seeds in people's thoughts to challenged perceptions and question behaviour. The feedback from delegates was excellent."

"Thanks for your excellent session last Friday. Stunned and inspired by the distinction between disability and impairment and feel more confident in dealing with the issues and points that have always stuck in my throat."

Stevenage Borough Council
"Great course nice balance... Really interactive and participative which aided learning, gave food for thought, issues for considerations and promoted discussion."

The Prince's Trust
"The workshop was interesting and the information provided in an informative yet easy-to-understand way, with humorous anecdotes put in that raised additional awareness of situations."

The Grimsby Institute

Waqas among staff of the Grimsby Institute

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