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We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Consultants specialising in various aspects of Disability and Diversity issues with several consultants regularly working overseas.

We are used to recognising, understanding and meeting the needs of clients in a wide variety of settings with different commercial, economic or political constraints.

Waqas Chauhdry

Waqas A passionate supporter of disability rights and diversity issues, Waqas is the founder and Managing Director of DEO Consultancy UK. Waqas is an experienced and dynamic professional and innovative problem solver with a broad range of skills covering a variety of HR and Organisational functions including training & development, conflict management and mediation in the work place.

As a popular speaker, Waqas has recently spoken at many high profile national and international forums including the House of Lords, St. James's Palace and the EU's Inclusion for All Conference. He has undertaken research, drafted guidance on diversity and inclusion and delivered training and consultancy projects to local, national and international organisations such as UNESCO, Bank of England, EHRC, BBC, GMC, NHS Trusts and various UK government departments and local authorities.

Waqas is blind which coupled with his experience gives him a unique insight into disability and diversity issues. He has many years experience of working with equality and diversity in Britain and internationally. He shares his practical know how and expertise in supporting business in the private and public sector to mainstream equality with business strategy and to manage it as a key business objective.

Waqas with Princess Sophie at a reception

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